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QP&S was founded by Tom De Winter in 1995.
Initially focusing on heart surgery supplies, our operations expanded to general surgery and anaesthetics in the following years.

QP&S wants to be a bridge between manufacturers and users of high-performance medical supplies. In compliance with well-established ethical standards and a desire to help, we want to offer caregivers the opportunity to treat their patients using the best possible technologies and devices.

Because healthcare is all about human lives and quality of life, the stakes are high.
That is why authenticity, respect and ethics are of paramount importance to QP&S. To help caregivers perform their important duties, we adopt a solution-oriented and flexible approach in dealing with customers and suppliers. We always try to develop sustainable relationships with them, based on mutual trust, product quality and common goals.

Our care for the products we deliver and the services we provide also implies that we remain aware of our own operations and adjust these when and where necessary. We also keep abreast of developments and evolutions in our field and are continuously looking for the next innovative product that may advance healthcare even further.

This also applies to our own employees. We want to be a company where our people feel appreciated and can grow, both in their job and on a personal level.

Quality in Products & Services is not a randomly chosen name. We want to be an added value to our customers, our suppliers and our employees.

Our team:

  • De Winter Tom: Manager
  • Berger Vinciane: Sales Consultant
  • Dieusaert Emily: Sales Consultant
  • Kerre Nathan: Sales Consultant
  • De Becker Ann: Customer Service
  • Van Os Cathy: Customer Service
  • Tossyn Steven: Technical Service